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What’s New?

Incra Rulers

Incra's Precision Measuring Rulers, T-Rules and Protractors give you the most accurate marking in the industry.  Micro fine guide holes and slots make it easy to mark your metal with the matching permanent ultra fine point marker.  Slots at every 1/16", 1/32" and 1/64" scale.  Also available in Metric versions.  See page 22.  


If you loved our large Cholla casting, you'll love the small one even more!  Half the size and very light weight.  See page 19.

Mighty Mask

Precision pre-cut design in high strength vinyl! Use them to mask for anodizing, acid etching, and light sand or bead blasting. This is a great new way to fast, easy designs. All the tools you'll need are here too. Watch for new patterned sheets in the future. Page 9.

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